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Unit Cycle Timeline and Reminders

Important Tasks in a Unit Life Cycle
Reading Lists
Copyright Notice
Blackboard Unit Preparation Guide

Important Tasks in a Unit Life Cycle

The details for the unit lifecyle (except OUA units) below is listed on the Curtin Learning and Teaching website (

Unit Lifecycle for all Teaching Units at Curtin University (except OUA)

Suggested here is a list of task you might want to take on as you plan and facilitate in each unit lifecycle.

Prior to study period During study period After study period
  • Develop your unit outline
  • Update alternate unit title to reflect coming study period
  • Check that availabilities for the correct cohort of students
    are attached to the unit
  • Ensure students from previous study periods are cleared out
  • Ensure all teaching staff are granted access and given
    the right access level
  • Update learning resources and materials including
    marking guides and assessment due dates
  • Create new assessment submission links
  • Check grade centre columns setup
  • Update iLecture/Echo Centre link
  • Post Welcome announcement
  • Setup tutorial groups, if required
  • Monitor discussion boards and other communication platforms
  • Provide students with continuous quality feedback using the
    various Blackboard communication and /or collaboration tools
  • 'Tweak' resources, if neccessary, to cater to students' requests
    and needs (e.g. provision of extra resources, clearer instruction)
  • Record and validate all summative assessment marks are
    entered into grade centre
  • Download a copy of the grade centre after each assessment for
  • Extend student access to unit if granted permission
  • Download a copy of the full grade centre
  • Archive the unit
  • Delete old/redundant units
  • Reflect on assessment results, plan for improvement in
    conjunction with the team team to revamp the unit offerings
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Reading Lists

Reading List replaces the previous Library eReserve to offer you the direct link to your unit resources. By clicking on the 'Reading List', you will be able to access electronic resources that your UC has collated for you anytime, anywhere.

It is important to note that scanning chapters of books, attaching journal articles and newspaper clips directly into your teaching unit on Blackboard may infringe copyright law. So, if you are unsure what to do, contact your faculty librarian for advice.

Guidelines to create and edit resources in Reading List can be found at the following website:

For Library assistance, contact Lindy Sheedy on 9266 7572 or

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Copyright Notice

Feel free to download this notice to add to all your PowerPoint Presentations and also to the unit resources section in your Blackboard site. Simply click and drag the image to your desktop, or right click on the image and choose "Save image as".

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Blackboard Unit Preparation Guide

This guide offers a checklist and important instructions to guide you in pre-study period preparation.

Learn more

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