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Lifelong Learning Skills

Lifelong learning skills include how to use feedback to improve your learning, developing your own reading list, time management skills and information literacy skills (including keyword searching and curation skills). Check the link below to help you develop your skills.

The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre offers a range of online programs to help improve your academic study, writing, numeracy and ICT skills. Click the button to start.


Academic Integrity

As a student, practising academic integrity will fit into the five core values: integrity, respect, courage, excellence, and impact of Curtin University. So what is academic integrity? Why is it important that we need to apply into our work?

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Note-taking techniques

It has been proven that students who take an active role in making and reviewing notes tend to comprehend and retain information by 30%. For in-class students, there’s the struggle to record as much of what the lecturer is saying while still be able to understand the lecture. On the other hand, the online students tend to be offered a lot of resources and face the challenge to read and process information efficiently. Using a note-taking method that suit your style of learning will improve your time management plan and help to reduce the potential anxiety that may occur from staring at length on a computer screen as you try to make sense out of what you are reading.

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Understanding your learning styles

Everyone is a unique learner. By knowing the way you learn and process information best, you can study smarter but not harder.

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Group work skill

Group work is an important skill demanded by most employers to create synergy, foster a more fulfilling and enjoyable work environment and encourage sharing of diversified perspectives and feedback. The ability to work with others is just as important in life. Group work skills will help you collaborate and complete tasks faster with the help of others. However, there are challenges to work with people of different style and personality, especially so in an online environment whom you only meet virtually. Click to read on some tips on how to tackle virtual group work task

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