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Blackboard Support

Download our tipsheets to help manage your Blackboard unit.

How to archive a unit

Archiving your unit will produce a compressed .ZIP file with a “snapshot” of your unit that can be retrieve in future if required.


How to bulk download Turnitin assignments

Download all the students’ Turnitin submission to mark offline.


How to course copy a banner image

Ensure that the banner image from your Master template site is copied over and appearing in your new Blackboard site.


How to download the grade centre

Download and keep a copy of the grades recorded in the Grade Centre of your Blackboard unit.


How to subscribe to discussion boards

Blackboard Discussion Board allows you to subscribe to a forum so that you receive notification via email.


Issues with ‘Needs Marking’ link in Grade Centre

Integration issues will arise if the group-based assessment is not setup properly, here's how to do it.


Transferring an Assignment up to file size of 2GB

How to transfer a file of large file size to a recipient.


How to add a Blackboard Collaborate recording into another Blackboard unit

Share your Blackboard Collaborate session across multiple Blackboard units.


Using Blackboard Learning Analytics Quick Guide

This is a brief guide to indicate where you could get certain information that may be usefulin your teaching practice.


Marking assignment and providing feedback in Turnitin Feedback Studio

Using Turnitin Feedback Studio to mark an assignment is just one of the ways you might choose to mark.


Issue with student not able to see their feedback via Turnitin Feedback Studio

Some students have been raised concerns that they were unable to view their feedback. Often this is an issue with the setting of the post date.


Adding academics to student groups

There are sessionals who only have restricted access in Blackboard and will need to be added to student groups to better engage with them via the group tools.