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Curtin University
Humanities Online Teaching and Learning

Online Teaching & Learning in Humanities

Working directly with the Dean of Teaching and Learning in Humanities, the Online Learning Facilitator and Online Learning Support Officers assist Humanities staff with online implementation and management of teaching materials using Curtin's Learning Management System, Blackboard.

This website is intended to provided Humanities staff with resources for the use and management of unit materials and tools in Blackboard.

The Humanities OTL Support Team

Online Learning Support Officers will:

The Online Learning Facilitator will:

You can contact the HumOTL team by submitting a webform:

Staff Workshops

Semester 1 2014

Curtin Teaching & Learning Sessions

  • iLectures
  • Blackboard Collaborate
  • Introduction to Blackboard
  • Online Assessment Management
Semester 1 2014

Humanities eLearning Sessions

  • Unit Outline Builder
  • Unit Coordinators: Managing Multiple Blackboard Locations
  • School T&L Forums
  • New Unit Coordinators: Intro to Blackboard